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Dylesia Barner, LCSW

Pronounced: dy 👏🏾 lee 👏🏾 see 👏🏾 ya👏🏾

Founder, CEO, & Director of Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Care

Before the beautiful family, successful businesses, and flourishing friendships, I was a girl growing up in the projects who imagined running a low-income household of her own as freedom. Little did I know back then, escaping dysfunction was more about mindset than location. As I fought my way through the traumas of being raised by a manipulative, emotionally absent, and verbally abusive mom, and navigated life in an impoverished community, unsafe school district, and abusive church, I gravitated toward painful friendships and romantic relationships and despite being in seemingly more secure environments, struggled to find safety internally or externally. After suffering from several years of educational and workplace abuse and undergoing a crazy-making spiral of therapist hopping, I found a clinician who fully saw me and I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Being paired with the right therapist was the first step in my journey toward mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and it catapulted my life (which once felt too complicated to ever have overall significance) into form and sense. 


That's why my passion for building a practice committed to helping you thrive after interpersonal trauma is personal. Hidden somewhere, deep beneath everything you’ve been through is someone who got lost in the pain and chaos, and crippled by fear and hopelessness, decided they’d just stay there underneath the hurt, crushed but shielded. It’s my purpose to connect you with a clinician who can reconnect you with that person and usher you into a fully integrated life, of wholeness and fullness. Keep scrolling to meet the handpicked team of change agents you have to choose from.


Leadership Team

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Practice Manager

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Nigel Barner, MD

Director of Self-Care

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Director of Strategic Relationships

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