Girl, your shrinking

season is over.

It’s time for you to hold your mom accountable and set boundaries that require her to either heal or watch you do it without her.

Even though the thought of standing up to her frightens you and makes you feel guilty, facing your fears, advocating for yourself, and taking control of your destiny sure beats the alternative - living life trapped in a toxic cycle that’s slowly destroying your faith, your health, your friendships and relationships, your career, & your children (even if that means you’re scared to have any).

You’ve envisioned the woman you want to evolve into but after years of being disrespected and disregarded by the person who brought you into this world, you lack the confidence, clarity, and support to become her. 

Instead you...

Walk on Eggshells

You tiptoe around your mom’s feelings (and everybody else’s) because you’d rather be unseen and unheard than to speak your mind and risk upsetting her. 

You take up as little space as possible in the world and watch other women dominate spaces and secure bags that you know could be yours if you were more confident.

Fail to Thrive

You fear you’re not enough to inspire your mom to change (or anyone else), so you expect little, make few requests, and take what you can get when you can get it.

Question Your Worth

You go overboard to please your mom (and everyone else) because you fear if you don’t DO and BE the most, you’ll be rejected or abandoned. 


Good intentions are no match for generational curses.

You need a customized strategy to manage your trauma manifestations and escape toxic family cycles. You need me to help you:


Unpack Your Hurt

Safely share and process the painful and disappointing experiences you’ve had in your relationship with your mom.

Reclaim Your Power

Gain the courage, strength, and insight to overcome your anger, resentment, and frustration.

Conquer Your Shame

Confront guilt and confusion through membership in a community of Black women with similar trauma.

Change Your Trajectory

Become clear about the types of boundaries you need to set to protect your peace & progression and trust God enough to let go of outcomes and implement them.

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The answer to the prayers you don’t want your children to have to pray —

The Mother-Daughter Trauma Recovery Accelerator

A 6-week virtual group coaching program where we go toe-to-toe with powerlessness, worthlessness, and self-sabotage in a fight for your destiny.


(Spoiler Alert: WE WIN)


mirror (1).png

Explore your mother-daughter trauma experiences and how they connect to your self-talk, limiting beliefs, triggers, and other trauma experiences.




Examine the relationship between your mother-daughter trauma manifestations, intergenerational trauma, and your challenges in the 6 Dimensions of Thriving.



Learn and implement my secret to mastering mindfulness, vulnerability, and coping, and train your trauma to inspire you without withholding you. 


1. Discover Your Trauma Narratives

2. Identify Your Precipitating Events

 3. Connect Your Pain Points

4. Transform Your Understanding

 5. Tame Your Triggers

 6. Leverage Your Power

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What You Get

Live video community sessions to review learning module content and provide you with strategy, accountability, and support as you navigate and conquer your recovery. 

Bi-weekly 90-Minute

Coaching Calls

Intentionally designed, evidence-based training modules that educate you about mother-daughter trauma and prepare you for homework and group coaching.

6 Program Module

Video Trainings

 Live virtual support groups to process your program discoveries, find relatability and deeper revelation, and receive affirmation and support from me and your cohort members.

Your personalized outline of the impactful events that shape your worldview along with a comprehensive gameplan for limiting their control over you. 

Customized Trauma Timeline and Coping Plan

A playbook of statements to ensure that you maintain your confidence, hold your ground, and operate in your influence if initiating challenging talks with your mom. 

Scripts for Navigating Curse-breaking Conversations

A safe space for around-the-clock support from other Black women who know exactly what you mean, how you feel, and where you’re coming from. 

Access to My Private, 24/7 Online Community


Vulnerability Labs

"I move differently, I respond differently".

Because of my work with Dylesia, I move differently, I respond differently, I am more aware of my trauma responses and can be intentional about not letting those emotions guide me. I am becoming the woman I envision myself to be for myself, my daughter, my kids and my family.

Wondering what life after my Mother-Daughter Trauma Recovery Accelerator could look like for you?

Here’s a snapshot of your before and after:



A recovered you...


Unsure of yourself and others after years of verbal and psychological abuse, emotional manipulation, and gaslighting from your mom.

Certain of yourself, your decision-making skills, and your capacity to establish healthy, rewarding relationships with others.  

Unconfident in your ability to initiate a difficult conversation with your mom, so settling for shrinking and accepting what she gives whether it’s surface-level, abusive, or unpleasant.

Vocal about your thoughts, feelings, and expectations, and no longer hesitating to take up space in the world even when it challenges and makes others (including your mom) uncomfortable. 

Unsettled about how (or if) to continue a relationship with your mom, and feeling guilty for even considering ex-communicating her.

Confident in your gameplan and unable to be swayed by the “supposed to’s,” whether they’re triggered from within or without (societal expectations, religious interpretations, or other people’s opinions).

Unaware of the full impact your mother-daughter trauma has had on your faith, health, relationships, and career success. 

Mindful of your triggers, adopting new mindsets, and prepared to extend yourself grace while also initiating tough conversations with loved ones who have been negatively affected by your self-sabotage. 

Unsatisfied with the hand you were dealt and how you’ve played it. 

Thriving mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and tangibly, and feeling immense pride in yourself for doing something no one in your family has ever done. 

Uncertain about whether you have what it takes to break toxic cycles of dysfunction within your family.

Equipped to tackle not just some but all of the generational curses you inherited and create the fresh, new start you and your family (even if it’s your future family) so desperately need.





  4 x $575

Group? Ehh, ion know about that.

Girl, stop playin’, you know you need the support! Remember all the times you’ve been guilt-tripped for wanting more from your relationship with your mom? The despair and confusion you felt during those times is EXACTLY why you need a community of like-minded women to navigate this with.

How many people we talkin’?

Your group will consist of no more than twelve (including you) women + me!

What if I’m not comfortable sharing my story with other women?

Everyone will be encouraged to only share as much as they’re ready to during our weekly coaching calls but I’m confident you’ll open up eventually! After all, being as withdrawn as you are is probably one of your mother-daughter trauma manifestations and remember - weon like those!

What if I don’t have (or want) children, will this program still be beneficial to me?

Absolutely! Mother-daughter trauma shows up outside of parenting and even family. It shapes the way you interact with everyone in your life and influences your relationships with God, health, work, and money.

What if I don’t (or can’t because of death, incarceration, institutionalization, etc.) talk to my mom, will this program still be beneficial for me?

Built into the program are opportunities to “take back your power” even if it’s unsafe or impossible for you to directly engage. Don’t be fooled. No contact doesn’t mean no residue. Even if you never talk to your mom again, she will always be your mom and the damage has already been done. Let’s start your healing process before your trauma manifests as more damage!

Is going “no contact” the only outcome of this program?

No! Relationship preservation is always the goal IF your preservation can also be guaranteed. “No contact” is a decision women make when their moms: A. refuse to change, or B. say they’ll change but fail to do the work and continue to show up dangerously In all, to become whole, you have to choose yourself. For some women that means they can’t communicate with their mom at all. Hopefully that won’t be the case for you.

Can my mom apply too?

The short answer is, yes, but if she isn’t open to it, you better not let that stop you from healing! Also, your mom won’t be your mom in the program, she’ll be your grandmother’s daughter. The curriculum is designed to help daughters explore the impacts of their mother-daughter trauma on the 6 Dimensions of Wholeness, one of which is parenting. By navigating the curriculum from the same lens as you, your mom will have a similar heart posture as you. As a result, she’ll experience greater empathy toward you and you two will be more likely to heal and mend than if I approached her as your mom and you as her daughter. Trust me, I know what I’m doing!

What if I was raised by a female family member other than my biological mom, will this program still be beneficial for me?

If your relationship with the woman who you identify as your mom has caused you trauma, this program is for you!

If I’m currently seeing a therapist, will this program still be beneficial for me?

Yes! This program is the PERFECT counterpart to therapy. Because coaching is specific to one subject, your desired results can be achieved a lot quicker than in traditional therapy which dedicates each session to exploring a variety of thoughts, feelings, and situations. Also, I don’t know about you but I went through six therapists before I found my perfect fit and even she’s made suggestions or reacted to decisions I’ve made about how to navigate my relationship with my mom that have made me feel guilty. Point blank PERIODT, this program is for you if you’re sick of being unseen (even if only slightly) and settling (even if only a little bit).