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You only get one mom. 

But after enduring decades of emotional abandonment, verbal aggression, psychological manipulation, and spiritual abuse from her, you’re starting to realize what’s most important — that you only get one you.

July 23-25, 2021 | Nashville, TN 


You’ve been piecing together self-care strategies to try and manage the guilt, loneliness, and resentment you feel because of the state of your relationship with her, but something’s missing.


No matter how much journaling you do, how many therapy sessions you attend, or how often you meditate, you know deep down inside you don’t have the skills, strategies, or support to free yourself from the pain her abuse and neglect has caused you...and what might happen if you don’t break free is scary as hell to think about.


You need a safe space to engage in raw, vulnerable self-discovery, be equipped with the practical tools to rescue your authentic self from beneath all the shit you’ve been through, and start the process of transforming into the woman you wish your mom was.

You need the Release.

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I’m Dylesia...

Licensed Therapist, Trauma Coach, & Mother-Daughter Trauma Survivor

By now, you’ve probably binged watched all my Instagram videos and know my story like the back of your hand. But just in case


I grew up in the projects and was raised by a single mother who started mothering at 13 when she was abandoned by her mom, forced to drop out of middle school, and left to raise six of her siblings. 

By the time I - her eldest - came around, she was sick of parenting. A shitload of unprocessed complex traumas (including a disastrous relationship with her mom) manifested as addictions to pale lagers, caffeine, tobacco, and hating me

My childhood was confusing to say the least. I was verbally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically abused for...existing.

She made almost everything I did seem like it was the worst thing in the world and almost everything I said seem like it was a lie. As a result, I entered adulthood questioning my sanity, my character, and my salvation, and the brokenness of low self-worth led me to friendships and relationships that perpetuated my feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and fear. 

And what made things worse was that everybody I opened up to about the challenges I was facing within our relationship (including therapists) said things like “But that's your mom,” convincing me to try harder at loving her which only caused me to become even more broken.

That longing I once felt to be seen, heard, and understood is exactly why I’ve spent almost a decade using my clinical expertise and personal background to create platforms for Black women to live in their authentic truth, break generational curses, and experience real transformation. And it's the passion behind my life-changing healing event, The Release


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The Release

January 28-30, 2021

Three full days in the heart of Nashville, TN, intentionally focused on bonding with other curse-breaking Black women, gaining the confidence and courage to live authentically, and learning practical ways to manage your mother-daughter trauma manifestations and reclaim your identity & worth. 

What's in store for you?

10+ interactive mainstage content sessions facilitated by me and designed to:

Awaken your emotional vulnerability, deepen your introspection, and strengthen your courage to heal & thrive

Engage you in the powerful, curse-breaking activities I’ve used to  free myself and my clients from the pain of abuse and neglect

Help you craft customized approaches to navigating tension, distance, & estrangement in your relationship with your mom



Liberating self-care exercises led by game-changing wellness experts who will teach you holistic ways to relieve your tension, surrender your stress, and embrace your freedom


Dynamic panels featuring Black women who have conquered their mother-daughter trauma and are thriving in their mental and emotional health, careers, & relationships


Unique opportunities to bond with other curse-breaking Black women who won’t make you over-explain or justify your trauma







Mend Your Esteem,  Relationships, Worldview, & Belief System

Secure Wholeness Through Self-Love, Hope, & Trust

Seize Your Identity, Your Purpose, & Your Legacy

"My life has transformed."

My life has literally transformed from working with Dylesia. I’ve learned how to speak to myself with kindness and how to pull myself out of depressive/anxious episodes. She models how to set boundaries and she’s teaching me how to do the same in my life and make decisions without fear. She’s changed my whole outlook on life.

the Release is for you if...

You’re a pro at playing small, dimming your light, and putting everyone besides yourself first because your mom conditioned you to believe you weren’t good enough to be the center of anyone’s world.

You struggle to ask others for help and can’t wrap your mind around the idea of God being a provider because you’ve always had to fend for yourself since your mom only looked out for you when it benefitted her.

You love from a distance because years of psychological abuse and emotional neglect from your mom have conditioned you to believe that you’re incapable of being understood and that there’s something wrong with you that makes people reject you.

Your mom’s verbal abuse shattered your confidence, so you’ve delayed your personal and professional goals for years due to questioning your deservingness and lacking trust in your decision-making skills.

Your mom seemed to find joy in physically abusing you and between the flashbacks and triggers, you find it painful to love your body or let anyone else.

You’re scared, lost, and have nowhere to turn because every person you’ve confided in has told you “you only get one mom.”

"This is profound and unlike anything I've ever experienced."

I’m so glad to be a part of this group of women. It’s profound and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I hope Dylesia never stops doing what she’s doing.


General Admission

$697 or 6 x $145

VIP Ticket

$1197 or 6 x $245

  • Live virtual access to The Release + 7-day access to replays ($5760 value)

  • Membership in The Cursebreakers Club, a private digital community for Black women recovering from mother-daughter trauma with customized weekly discussion topics and members-only programs, events, & trainings

  • Virtual Attendee Kit via mail

  • All the perks of General Admission +

  • Live virtual access to Reparenting Your Inner Child Workshop ($2400 value)

  • Pre-Conference Girls’ Night

  • Vulnerability Lab ($480 value)

  • Deluxe Virtual Attendee Kit via mail 


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